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Cain (Numbers Book 1)

Lila gave everything to bring down AimTech, a huge corporation with a nasty secret. Now smart and sassy Lila has no choice but to go into hiding. All alone, she starts her life over in a small town, trying to forget the one man her heart aches for but who could never be hers. Little does she know, her troubles with AimTech are far from over.

Cain is one of the secrets AimTech was hiding. With his raw power and magnetism, he takes control after the corporation falls. His first task: find the woman who created a raging, demanding inferno inside him when he was held captive by AimTech. The only problem is, he doesn’t know her name.

Can these two fated mates find each other again before their past tears them apart?

Cain is a paranormal romance featuring lots of steam and a guaranteed HEA.

Cain Numbers Book One by May Doyle.jpg

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Drey (Numbers Book 2)

Drey is one of the genetically modified humans who were recently freed from AimTech’s control. Part human, part animal, Drey and his fellow captives are known as the Numbers. As the Alpha of his group, it is his job to protect the Numbers and that means acquiring the farm that borders their land. The only problem is the owner refuses to sell.

Clara just can’t catch a break. Living in a run down cabin with only a cow for company, Clara is trying to save her family’s farm. Her new neighbours, the Numbers, won’t leave her alone. With her fiery temper and no nonsense demeanour, Clara is quick to butt heads the Alpha over the sale of her land.

A misunderstanding puts Clara and Drey at odds, but soon sparks start flying. When an unknown entity threatens Clara, can the two find enough common ground to face this enemy together?

Drey is the second book in the Numbers series, featuring lots of steam and a guaranteed HEA.


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Mallen (Numbers Book 3)

Jennifer has no problem standing up to her intimidating boss. With her perfectly coiffed hair and impeccable appearance, Jennifer is an unflappable receptionist. At home is a different story. There she indulges in dance parties in her pajamas … and lustful thoughts about her boss.

Mallen is no nonsense when it comes to business. It is his job to secure the financial future of the Numbers, a group of human-animal hybrids recently freed from the laboratories. With his booming voice and intimidating size, he has scared away more than one receptionist. But he can’t get under the skin of the icy Jennifer . . . and he is desperate to make her melt.

When a new enemy decides to restart AimTech’s genetic experiments, Jennifer becomes the first test subject. Can Mallen face his past to protect his future?

Mallen is the third book in the Numbers series. It is a stand-alone paranormal romance featuring lots of steam and a guaranteed HEA


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Samiel (Numbers Book 4)

Karen is regaining some semblance of normalcy at Moon after all the pain her ex-boyfriend has put her through. At Moon she is safe and protected, but she isn’t willing to put her heart on the line anytime soon. However, Karen can’t deny the magnetic pull she feels toward Samiel, or how much peace he brings into her life.


Samiel has always struggled with keeping his beast in check, and after meeting Karen he wants to be nothing less than perfect for her. That one night meant everything to him, but he felt her flinch, and so he puts distance between them so as not to scare her. Delving into her files he sees the reason for all her pain. Samiel isn’t going to hold his beast back when he vows to make her ex-boyfriend Jerry suffer.


Can the love Samiel offers help Karen heal her past wounds and accept happiness in her life, or will she forever be fighting her past?


Samiel is the fourth book in the Numbers series, featuring lots of steam and a guaranteed HEA.

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Perdy (Numbers Book 5)

He never claims innocence, but his intentions were always good. He has made his decision, and he isn’t even sure why. He just knows that he can’t let the female be harmed…no matter what the consequences are to him. He certainly doesn’t have time to think there’s a real traitor to their people.

To know is a blessing and a curse – and it is a gift possessed by young Perdy. She is an Alpha, and she stands strong for her convictions… she knows there is more to the story. Perdy is on an uphill battle, she is going against her people, going against the accepted truth, but she is following her heart. She has faith in him. She's powerful, and she will wield that power for him.

As Perdy fights for him, he is revitalised from the former shell he had been, but can they find the real culprit behind the atrocities?

Perdy is the fifth book in the Numbers series, featuring lots of angst and a guaranteed HEA.

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Nick (Numbers Book 6)

Nick had a compass pointing true North – his integrity was never one to waiver. He was loyal to Moon, and the Alphas. He was the head of the human division within Moon, so his nerves were honed into steel. However, when he found out that it was one of his team that betrayed him and Moon - the wound cut deep. Nick brought peace between their worlds, and now someone he trusted was trying to tear it apart.


Harper wasn’t like the rest of the Numbers – she never cared to be dominant. She paid the price for her kindness by being the favourite toy of a cruel human scientist. Through all her pain she maintained her inner peace, so that when she was free she simply escaped everything. Harper built a lovely and private life for herself.


Nick needed Harper to strengthen his resolve, and Harper needed Nick to show that humans were capable of compassion. Would they be able to conquer their own personal demons and find the traitor within Moon?


Nick is the sixth book in the Numbers series, featuring lots of healing and a guaranteed HEA.

MD Nick.jpg

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Noah (Numbers Book 7)

Noah stared at the girl in his cage. Kill. Must kill. He stalked towards her, and as he got closer he towered over her. All of them needed to die, she was human, and she was the enemy. Noah felt all the strength leave his body. Something else scared him much more though: he felt stirrings of energy, something more than his primitive thoughts could comprehend.

Adrienne saw the change in his eyes: they had been flat and empty – and she had no doubt they were a product of the cell he was in. It took less than a heartbeat but she saw the shift in him, the warmth that took him over.

She needed him to be beside her as she navigated the dangerous path her sister was on, and he needed her in a way words could not articulate.
Could Noah, the one who had lied to her, be Adrienne’s saviour in the mess her life was quickly becoming?

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Warrior of Zandar

Drak Book 1

Stick to your kind. Stick to your species. Stick to your space…until there is an unstoppable invader.


Star was human and her kind was forced into isolation on a planet within the Drak System. There was a new race roaming and conquering the planets – merciless and absolutely vicious, the Jutin race were ruthless in their endeavour for control.

Star takes the risk and escapes her colony to save her father…and gets caught by a Horde King: Hadak. He needs to be seen to punish her, but he also can’t help himself wanting to protect her against the hatred his people have for hers.

As an unconventional love grows between Star and Hadak, will the two find it within themselves to drop their walls and defeat a common enemy?

MD Warrior of Zandar.jpg

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Ignis Book 1

Robyn was human, and she had no place amongst dragons and witches…until she did.

Her world was a blur, and it only got blurrier as she got older: the colours were muted, the music felt distance, the chatter was meaningless, and even the pleasure screams her mother elicited from her clients wrapped around her like tendrils of wind and disappeared just as quickly.

She was heavy with the weight of her dreary world; she was impassive to the quaint plainness.

There was a balm to her soul – she had memorised the rich greenness of the trees, and the rough warmness of the ground on her feet. The forest was not her everything; it was merely the setting of the sound that eclipsed her senses…Red’s voice.

Thrown into the realm of dragons, and the full magnitude of the man she so thoroughly belonged to, she had to hold onto her wits, and show the strength of her resolve.

Robyn had not planned for an adventurous life, but her death was just the beginning.

Bound to four dragons representing the elements, she was the source of their sanity.

All the while the threat of the witches’ monsters grew more powerful as they waged their war.
…and she was the Kingdom’s only hope of peace.

MD Blackfire Retouch.jpg

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Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance 128,000+ words

Warning: the heroine goes through a lot in this book, including attempted assault/capture (not in detail), torture, and dumb males who need to grovel.

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